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Our video library not only provides resources for nurse practitioners, but also offers information and guidance tailored to senior living facility administrators and other geriatric health care and housing providers.

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ICP and HealthPro Heritage teamed up to bring innovative new programs to the residents at Gardens of Somerset in Sterlington, LA.
Ayasha and Heather talk about SEX! If you want to know more, you’ve gotta watch! 😜…
Heather and Ayasha discuss the national increase in NPs and the importance of being a Nurse Practitioner….
We’re pleased to introduce you to Brandy Dyer, this month’s featured ICP NP in Gore, Oklahoma!
So we’re back on the road and I’m so excited to be back.
Ayasha and Heather celebrate NURSING HOME WEEK!
Friendly reminder that while a lot of our marketing talks about our benefits to Nursing Homes, we also benefit Assisted Living Facilities — we can help save them money and increase resident quality of life too!
Ayasha and Heather discuss the differences between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage and how it effects long-term care residents.
Ayasha and Heather discuss the benefits of Home Health and how we help both Home Health Care companies and patients alike.
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