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The ICP Advantages

Reduce Costs

We have a proven ability to cut costs effectively, saving valuable Medicare dollars.

Through our involvement with LTC ACO, we are pleased to demonstrate that we have not only met but exceeded benchmarks. Our per member per month cost stands an impressive 10% below the national benchmark for LTC patients, reflecting our dedication to cost-effective care.

We’re proud of our commitment to quality care, with shared savings initiatives underlining our dedication to patient well-being and financial efficiency.

Unleash the Power of Referrals

With our support, your facility’s dedicated NP becomes a beacon of excellence, attracting the attention of hospitals seeking trusted partners for their referrals. Our marketing amplifies the unique skills and expertise of your NP, showcasing their invaluable contributions to resident care and overall facility success. By effectively highlighting the NP’s qualifications, specialized knowledge, and exceptional patient outcomes, we position your facility as a preferred destination for hospitals seeking top-tier collaborative care. ICP’s strategic marketing initiatives provide the competitive edge you need to stand out in the market, ultimately driving increased referrals and reinforcing your facility’s reputation as a trusted partner in the healthcare ecosystem.

PDPM Struggles?

Enhancing Reimbursement and Alleviating PDPM Struggles

We understand the challenges in navigating the complexities of the Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM). That’s why we are here to provide a solution that not only addresses your facility’s PDPM concerns but also offers a sustainable path to enhanced reimbursement. By seamlessly integrating our experienced NPs into your care teams, we can optimize the quality of care provided to your residents, while simultaneously maximizing reimbursement opportunities through innovative payment models.

Proactive Solutions for State Survey Compliance

ICP's Nurse Practitioners Minimize Tags and Enhance Facility Performance

We recognize the significance of maintaining a high standard of care while minimizing state survey tags for senior living facilities. Our comprehensive approach aims to proactively prevent or decrease the occurrence of state survey tags, safeguarding your facility’s reputation and regulatory compliance. By providing dedicated Nurse Practitioners who specialize in senior care, we empower your facility to deliver exceptional resident care, ensure regulatory adherence, and enhance overall facility performance.

Our Nurse Practitioners work collaboratively with your existing care team, offering their expertise in areas such as medication management, fall prevention, infection control, and overall resident well-being. Through their proactive involvement, we can identify and address potential compliance issues before they escalate, thus minimizing state survey tags and promoting a culture of continuous improvement. With ICP by your side, you can rest assured that your facility is well-equipped to navigate regulatory challenges and consistently provide exceptional care for your residents.


Collaborative Partnerships

Experience the power of collaborative expertise with ICP’s Nurse Practitioners as independent partners, transforming the referral landscape. Our NPs, while maintaining their unique specialization, work hand-in-hand with your medical director to achieve all your regulatory goals. This harmonious collaboration ensures that your facility excels in meeting regulatory requirements while offering exceptional care. Hospitals seeking trusted partners recognize the combined strength of our NPs’ autonomous decision-making, comprehensive care, and seamless coordination with the medical director. By embracing this collaborative approach, your facility becomes the preferred choice for hospitals, driving a surge in referrals and solidifying your reputation as a destination for top-tier healthcare.

Revolutionizing Care

We average a 21% reduction in hospital readmissions* after starting an ICP NP in a facility.

*Return to hospitals in a 2 month period.

Our unique model of care embraces a collaborative approach that incorporates the expertise of your facility’s team members. Our NPs actively participate in clinical meetings, working closely with the team to make informed decisions swiftly when condition changes occur. By leveraging their specialized knowledge and skills, our NPs provide critical information to improve quality measures, resulting in enhanced resident outcomes. Additionally, their proactive involvement and comprehensive care contribute significantly to reducing readmissions by 21%.

Elevating Star Ratings through NP Support: ICP's Key to Medicare Recognition

We are the catalyst behind improved star ratings that holds crucial significance in Medicare’s judgment. By having a NP dedicated to your facility, you gain a powerful advantage in enhancing your star ratings. Our NPs specialize in delivering comprehensive and personalized care to senior living residents, ensuring their well-being and optimal health outcomes. With their advanced clinical expertise, proactive approach to care, and ability to address complex medical needs, our NPs significantly contribute to the delivery of exceptional care that aligns with Medicare’s quality measures. Through our tailored programs, we help boost your facility’s star ratings, providing a competitive edge in the industry and reinforcing your commitment to providing outstanding care for seniors.

ICP’s commitment to quality is demonstrated by national recognition of our partner facilities that have achieved AHCA Bronze and Silver Commitment to Quality awards.

“By partnering with and treatment are administered same day, allowing our residents the ability to continue with daily activities with minimal interruption.”

Katie P. - Executive Director

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