Providing Comprehensive Care Without Associated Costs

For Post-acute, Long Term Care, or Senior Living Communities.

Our nurse practitioners provide comprehensive care in post acute settings and senior living communities without any associated costs.

The ICP Advantage

We integrate local nurse practitioners with your facilities to offer a personalized, efficient, and cost-effective approach to comprehensive care.

On-site and Integrated Quality Care

Senior Living Communities

Providing full-time nurse practitioners that deliver care to residents and staff at no cost.

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LTC / Post-Acute

Managing acute and chronic medical needs of residents to reduce hospital readmissions and ER transfers.

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The ICP Clinic

Providing medical care to residents, family members, employees at Gardens of Somerset, and neighbors of the community.

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We look forward to connecting with you to learn more about your community and how we can incorporate our services.

We provide an efficient and cost-effective way for your organization to meet their healthcare needs.

Does Your Facility Qualify?

Find out today and provide your residents with a full-time nurse practitioner at no cost to the facility.