Gardens of Somerset Partnership Programs

Gardens of Somerset Partnership Programs

ICP and HealthPro Heritage teamed up to bring innovative new programs to the residents at Gardens of Somerset in Sterlington, LA.
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Gardens of Somerset Partnership Programs

Ashley Kirk

I’m Ashley Kirk, the Executive Director of Gardens of Somerset, and we are so excited to be bringing all these new innovative programs to our residents here at Gardens of Somerset. Hi, I’m Amanda Allen.

I’m the VP of corporate compliance for Integrated Care Professionals. We are a healthcare group made up of nurse practitioners and we specialize in senior care. We contract with all sorts of senior living communities to provide onsite full time nurse practitioner coverage.

Residents have the option of choosing to see the nurse practitioner for their urgent care needs, or if they’re wanting to fully incorporate their lives into their new communities, they can also see the nurse practitioner for their primary care.

We find that having a nurse practitioner on site, always available to residents, gives families and residents peace of mind. We are so excited to join the Gardens of Somerset. It’s a beautiful community and we know the residents and families are going to love being here.

So not only is Sip going to have a nurse practitioner here, but they’re also opening up the clinic right here in the neighborhood so residents can’t get up and get dressed and come to their appointment just the way they did before they moved in.

The clinic is also going to be available to family members, so family members can choose to come and see the nurse practitioner at the clinic also, maybe for preventive care or primary care or just urgent needs.

This is really just another way that the Gardens of Somerset is leaving itself into the fabric of the community and becoming a truly multigenerational neighborhood. A lot of families feel hopeless when their loved ones start to experience issues like memory loss, confusion and problems making, decisions, and they’re losing their independence.

But we want to offer hope. The truth is that some of this loss is preventable. Some of it is reversible and often treatable. Not all of it. We know the realities of the progression of Alzheimer’s, but families deserve the very best care and they deserve a plan.

When and if those symptoms begin, gardens of Somerset residents will have access to the Reflection program. To help them navigate that plan, ICP has partnered with an amazing therapy group, HealthPro Heritage, to provide a unique approach to brain health and functioning.

The program begins with a thorough assessment called the BCAP, completed by the nurse practitioner, and then that score is used to create a tailored therapy plan specific to the participants needs. The nurse practitioner and therapy team consult with each other and follow the participants to assess improvement or decline and any needed changes to the treatment plan. This program will allow participants to live whole, healthy, independent lives for as long as possible.

Mark Petty

Hi, my name is Mark Petty and I represent Rise Senior Living, a division of Health Pro Heritage, a nationwide leader in therapy management and consulting across the post acute continuum, including skilled nursing, senior living and outpatient.

What’s very special about our Senior Living partnerships is that we provide an on campus approach where our speech, physical and occupational therapists are here on campus and are able to be very proactive when a resident has a need for additional services.

We’re so thankful to embark on this important partnership with ICP and the Guardians of Somerset. And wow, what a community we have here. This community truly speaks to independence and living to the fullest by providing comprehensive services and support on a very individualized basis to maximize independence and quality of life.

You know, when many people think of therapy, they think primarily of physical therapy. Improving balance and strength, recovering from injury. Recovering from surgery. However, at Rise Senior Living and in partnership with ICP, we know that independence needs to account for so much more than that.

Diminished memory problem-solving, skills and decision-making skills can lead to false injury, decreased ability to take care for one self, and difficulty completing the tasks that many of us take for granted, such as bathing and getting dressed.

That’s why it’s so important important to be proactive with brain health, to understand each individual holistically and provide them the support that they need throughout the aging process. Through services performed by our entire interdisciplinary team of speech, occupational and physical therapists, we will ensure that residents here at the Gardens in Somerset have the tools and environmental modifications needed to be as independent as possible and enjoy life. Peers. We’re here to help put it all together and proud to do so.

Ashley Kirk

Integrated care professionals will also bring the option for remote patient monitoring to our partner Senior Living communities. This technology is simple and effective.

Residents can choose a set of easy to wear and use devices specific to their needs that will monitor and upload their health information without them losing any independence. Family members and residents will have access to that monitoring information as well.

And it really provides peace of mind for families knowing that their loved ones have consistent monitoring, real time notification of any urgent changes, and there’s a dedicated ICP nurse practitioner monitoring and interpreting that information.

If you would like more information about these programs for you or your loved one, please contact me today.

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Gardens of Somerset Partnership Programs
ICP and HealthPro Heritage teamed up to bring innovative new programs to the residents at Gardens of Somerset in Sterlington, LA.
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