NP – Brandy Dyer

NP – Brandy Dyer

We're pleased to introduce you to Brandy Dyer, this month's featured ICP NP in Gore, Oklahoma!
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Brandy Dyer

My name is Brandy Dyer. I’m a family nurse practitioner with ICP. I live in Gore, Oklahoma, which is where my husband’s from, but I’m from Northwest Arkansas from the Springdale area. My husband and I have a son who’s almost ten, and I have a stepdaughter who’s almost 21, and a stepson who’s 18. We have a huge garden plant, lots of flowers. We have chickens and ducks and geese and ponds behind us, and so we like to do anything that’s out doors. I graduated from nurse practitioner school in March of 2020 and became board certified with ANCC in July of 2020, and I started with ICP in November of 2020. I originally was a CNA and then went for my LPN, my RN, my BSN, and now my nurse practitioner. I chose longterm care. I actually was just talking to my mom the day before I was called for an interview that I would like to work with older residents or older people. I was leaning kind of towards a VA area. And then the very next day, I just happened to get a call from Ayasha at ICP asking me if I wanted to come on board with them. So it was kind of like it was meant to be. I like the idea of taking care of residents. I don’t feel like they get a good level of care or a consistent level of care. I know when I worked hospitals as a nurse, a lot of residents that come to us for the same thing or they would come to us for a little bit of an alter mental status that us as a hospital staff didn’t really catch on to because we didn’t know that person. But the nursing home staff knew something was wrong with them because they were more aware of this person and their tendencies and how they were. So I like the idea of being able to be in house with these residents every day and see little changes and catch onto things before they become more severe. What I like about ICP is definitely the family atmosphere. Since day one, I just feel like I’ve known everyone I’ve spoken with. They’ve all been very friendly, very helpful. Anytime there’s a situation or a problem, they’re there for me. They have my back. I just feel like I was a part of them from day one, and I tell people that all the time. I have the only ICP, Oklahoma nursing home facility, and so I’m always reaching out to colleagues and peers, friends who have nursing homes or who are nurse practitioners to spread the word about this company and see if they’re interested in taking on a nurse practitioner for themselves. 

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