NP: Amanda Buck

NP: Amanda Buck

We're pleased to introduce you to Amanda Buck, this month's featured ICP NP in Searcy, Arkansas! Due to COVID-19 we had to conduct her interview outside, and though it was a beautiful day, it was pretty windy! We apologize in advance for the wind noise!
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Amanda Buck

Hi. My name is Amanda Buck. I am a nurse practitioner with Integrated Care Professionals. I have been a nurse practitioner for five years and a practitioner for integrated Care professionals for almost four years, going on four years in February. I have a husband and two very active children that keep my time occupied. I’m from Desert, Arkansas. Originally, I chose nurse practitioner as my profession because I wanted to be a nurse, and I just felt like I needed that extra autonomy as well as the drive to continue on with my education. I wanted to have kind of a more active role in my patient care, but also wanted to have a nurse bedside manner that went along with it. I originally chose long term care. Funny story. Ayasha, my boss, was a teacher in my BSN class, and I went into the nurse practitioner role as an adult geriatric primary care nurse practitioner. And she just happened to somehow be on my Facebook and said, hey, I have a job opening. And I never thought that long term care would be where I wanted to be. And I just happened upon the role because she was in it, and she’s been a big deciding factor in staying in it as well. The thing I like most about working for ICP is the flexibility that it gives me to be with my children. Aisha and the administrative staff at ICP have been integral. Over the last four years in helping me. I’ve had some health complications along the way, and they have been exceptional in helping me through that. I feel like ICP has just been an exceptional career for anybody to work for.

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