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Our video library not only provides resources for nurse practitioners, but also offers information and guidance tailored to senior living facility administrators and other geriatric health care and housing providers.

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Ayasha and Heather share an ICP Home Health Success Story.
The AA Team sits down with Cindy Shaw, our VP of Clinical Management to talk about her role with ICP.
We’re pleased to introduce you to Amanda Buck, this month’s featured ICP NP in Searcy, Arkansas! Due to COVID-19 we had to conduct her interview outside, and though it was a beautiful day, it was pretty windy! We apologize in advance for the wind noise!
The AA Team shares some intimate details on how our NPs are supporting one another through COVID-19 and their unyielding dedication to their residents.
The AA Team wants to hear from YOU! What topics would YOU like to hear more about?
Transcript Meet Amanda Allen Ayasha Thomason I’m Ayasha Thomason. Ashley Kirk I’m Ashley Kirk. Ayasha Thomason And on this week’s episode of ICP TV, we’re going to talk to our compliance officer, Amanda…
Meet HEATHER STALLINGS, this month’s featured ICP NP!
The AA Team talks about ICP and our specialties; including Wound Care, Polypharmacy Reduction, Psychiatric Care, Narcotic Reduction and more!
Transcript Who We Are & What We Do! Ashley Kirk Hey, I’m Ashley Kirk. Ayasha Thomason And I’m Ayasha Thomas. Ashley Kirk And today we’re going to be talking about who ICP is and what we do. Ayasha…
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