Assisted Living Services

Assisted Living Services

Ayasha Thomason, ICP President, talks about the benefits of having a full-time Nurse Practitioner on-call and on-demand in Assisted Living facilities.
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Assisted Living Services

Hi, my name is Ayasha Thomason and I’m the president of Integrated Care Professionals. Integrated Care Professionals is already known for its excellence in care for seniors. It’s always been our mission to keep our residents at home, whether that home is in the community, assisted living, independent living, or even in a nursing home. We aim to reduce the need for ER visits and unnecessary doctor’s office visits. We pride ourselves on enhancing the quality of life for seniors.

So now we’re excited to be offering our primary care services to assisted living and independent living facilities in light of COVID-⁠19. This is so that residents don’t have to worry about going out to their appointments, their primary care services and being exposed to COVID-⁠19. So we come to you. You will have one dedicated advanced practice registered nurse or nurse practitioner dedicated to your facility and your residence.

We know that some of your residents already have primary care providers that come out and visit them and see them occasionally. But those physicians and nurse practitioners also have busy clinics and practices and are also seeing lots of patients with different disease processes in addition to COVID-⁠19. And sometimes when they come in, they might spend an hour or so in the building when they do come visit. And this is where we shine.

We are dedicated to you and only you. We are on site, on demand, and can work with your existing specialists to provide the most interdisciplinary, collaborative and coordinated health care around.

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