Psychiatric Mental Health Program

Psychiatric Mental Health Program

Ayasha talks about the current need for Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners and how we've built a program to meet the needs of our patients and partner facilities....
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Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Program

Ayasha Thomason

Hi, I’m Ayasha Thomason, and today I wanted to talk a little bit about our psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner program. During and after the pandemic, we all know that the residents in long term care facilities were socially isolated from their loved ones.

Over time, this caused some severe depression, loneliness, and isolation in these residents, and it’s continued even beyond them even being able to see their relatives. A lot of them had significant weight loss. It was hard for them to eat. Our providers, the nursing staff in these facilities, were really the only people that they saw for a long time.

So it takes quite a while to come back from that state of health mentally, for sure. And also, given the fact that these residents are typically older and already are more at risk for these types of issues, the need for mental health in these facilities has greatly increased over the past year. We’ve been asked by many of our facility partners if we could provide on-site psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner services, along with our current nurse practitioners that are in these facilities, to provide even more in-depth mental health care for our residents.

So in light of that, we are looking for a Psych mental health nurse practitioner. We need two, actually. One for the central Arkansas area. There would be some travel involved and one for the northwest Arkansas area. So if you care for older adults and you care about their needs, their mental health needs, it’s a greatly underserved area and it’s just a greatly needed service.

So if you’re interested, you know, a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, send them to ICP’s website, click on our career tabs. You can apply right there or you can email me directly via our website [email protected], or send me a DM.

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