NP – Stephanie Rogers

NP – Stephanie Rogers

We're pleased to introduce you to Stephanie Rogers, this month's featured ICP NP in Little Rock, Arkansas! Stephanie is excited to offer our services for Assisted Living Residents at Fox Ridge Luxury Senior Living.
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Stephanie Rogers

My name is Stephanie Rogers. I am an adult geriatric primary care nurse practitioner with Integrated Care Professionals. I grew up in Little Rock my whole life, and I currently live in Mayflower with my husband. I’ve got a two year old little girl that keeps me really busy. She’s active and she’s fun, and I really enjoy to sew. I learned how to sew for my daughter, and so I keep myself busy with that. In my spare time. I chose to be a nurse practitioner because I am a naturally nurturing person. I love to take care of people. I have a caring, giving heart and spirit, and it’s just always something that I wanted to do. I always wanted to be able to give back and to be a part of something that was bigger than myself. With the larger population of adults moving into assisted living facilities and nursing homes, I just really felt like there was a need to move into that specialty area. And the more that I began to practice in adult geriatrics, the more I just fell in love with that patient population. So with the rise of COVID Integrated Care Professionals has brought me in as an adult geriatric nurse practitioner to bring onsite primary care to residents of assisted living facilities. There’s a huge fear in the older adult population in these facilities to have to leave their home and go see their primary care providers. So by me coming into the facility, I can reduce risk, keep residents more safe, and provide care for them in the comfort of their own home. I understand that a lot of residents have. Longstanding preexisting relationships with their primary care provider. And that can be a scary thing to switch to someone new. It’s not necessary to completely switch over to a different primary care provider. Through this service, I’m still able to manage urgent care needs. So if something were to arise and you needed to be seen, I can come and see you and handle that. In light of COVID with social distancing, we’ve noticed a lot more depression and anxiety. Residents are feeling a little more isolated with not being able to visit with their families the way that they used to. So we are also offering psychiatric telehealth visits to be able to manage those needs. We’re also able to coordinate coordinate care with specialty providers. I’m really excited to be here and I look forward to getting to know the residents of Foxridge.

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