Assisted Living FAQs

Assisted Living FAQs

Ayasha Thomason, ICP President, answers some of our most Frequently Asked Questions regarding our Assisted Living Services.
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Assisted Living FAQs

Hi, I’m Ayasha Thomason, and I’m the president of Integrated Care Professionals. Today I’m going to answer some frequently asked questions about our services in the assisted living facilities.

Absolutely, it’s extremely important to us that our nurse practitioners fit in well with the communities that they serve. Our existing nurse practitioners are very close to the residents that they currently serve because they see them on a routine basis and they think of them as family.

Yes. Not only will we do his annual wellness visit, but we’ll also do all of the other preventative care needs that he might have, such as immunizations, in addition to any kind of acute issue that might come up because we’ll be on site and on demand.

Yes, we absolutely take care of acute issues that come up. We do pride ourselves in the fact that we do such a good job preventatively that we try to prevent a lot of these things from becoming acute. However, sometimes things pop up, such as UTIs coughs, pneumonia, especially during flu season, and we can address and manage all of those things without having to leave the facility.

Oh, yes, absolutely. If we’re working with a resident and seeing them routinely, monthly, and managing all of their preventative as well as their chronic conditions.

They will get their prescriptions timely.

This is a good question. Nurse practitioners can prescribe narcotics from a certain level in the opioid scale, and we like to do this on a casebycase basis. If your family member has been has a chronic pain condition and has been seen by a pain clinic, we would like them to probably continue to do that. However, if it’s something that’s a temporary issue, such as a post surgical pain control, we can absolutely provide that care. Since we’re onsite and on demand, we hope that we would be informing you of any change. However, if something does arise, we work directly with the facility and whatever procedure they have in place, we like to work directly with them on that. We work with most payer sources in most Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans.

Absolutely. We can write orders for all durable medical equipment.

Yes. We would like for POAs to be involved in their loved ones care, especially during visits. You can provide a lot of useful information, especially if your loved one is not able to communicate effectively.

We work with the facility to provide the media to be able to accommodate this during COVID-⁠19. While we don’t routinely make phone calls for every visit that we do, we do like to update family members on any changes and conditions of your loved one or any changes that we make in their plan of care.

We bill insurance directly, and any copays or additional billing will be sent out by us separately. Yes, they can. We do provide urgent care services as well. An APRN is an Advanced practice registered Nurse that holds either a masters or doctoral degree.

They have extensive training in their certain specialties. The APRN that will be dedicated to your community will be an adult Geriatric primary Care certified Nurse Practitioner.

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